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11. září 2003

Hello, we guess you've read Wired (the article Flash Mobs Get a Dash of Danger) and found a link to our page there...

In fact, our "Reality Hacks" are older than flash mobs. The first one took place in october 2002 (staring at McDonalds) and yes, it met all the characteristics of a flash mob. The second one occured in june 2003 and it was slightly different this time - there wasn't any mob. People were stopped by individuals and given a small amount of money (most of them refused! ;)

Reality hacks are more than just fun, but on the other hand - we aren't 'green activists'. We just want people to look differently on the world around them. The maslo ('butter' in czech) is a conspirational project. Butter is a codeword. And we want to hack the reality. We're sorry there isn't an english version of our pages... Yet!

But check out our manifesto.

Also, please be aware that we have no connection with the people who organized the flash mob in the supermarket and that we are not in fact flash mob organizers. Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned, more to come. Buttery division enjoys the ride.

Update (2019): Check out The Hacking of Reality in Czechia for more information

Autor: Opravdové