0% information, 0% fat, 99% reality, 100% buttery.division

 this is butter...

do you feel something around you is wrong?
are you under the impression that everyone conspires against you?
do you get no sleep or exprerience strange dreams?
all people around you are mad?
are you hounted by doubts?
are you affraid?

that is absolutely understandable. do not be affraid.
we will show you the way. butter.

 <----- oxy moxy ------------------------------------------------->

 we live in a virtual world. what we are used to call 'the reality'
 is in fact a carefully crafted construct. what we are used to call
 'a free will'  is  in  fact  an  intersection  of  many  different
 interests  that  we  are  unable  to  influence.  every  day,  our
 perceptual experience  is affected  by thousands  of patterns that
 shape our decisions. this is not an accusation: it is a fact.     

 we have to acknowledge our situations. many people are paranoid:  
 and they have a reason. but there is no global conspiration. there
 is only butter.                                                   

 butter...  that is how  we call the ungrasped  reality  that means
 nothing and all together.  why do people feel something is not the
 way it  should  be?  why  are there  so many bad things?  why do a
 thousand  good individuals make  a wicked mob?  why so many things
 have got out of hands? butter. that is the answer.                

 there are many ways to get into the heart of the message. longtime
 meditation, illumination, with the help of a guru, or the chemical
 way. but nothing is free.  the knowledge is always dearly-won. you
 may loose time. or serenity. or fortune. or your own place in this
 world. even the world itself.  so do not come back later crying we
 have not warned you. but if your are willing to put aside the pink
 glasses and see the butter: good luck.                            

 everyone want to heaven. no one wants to die.                     
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